Do the majority feel that it is wrong to kill innocent children?

A heavy start there, but what is the fine invisible line that separates ‘immoral‘ from ‘I’m moral‘? To kick it off…would I be right in assuming that I’m not the only one who always thinks ‘I’m right‘?

So, what is morality?

Here’s a simple experiment you can try at home…firstly, pick up your car keys and place them on the table in front of you…done? Great. Now, pop out and find three ‘justices‘ or five ‘rights‘, or even a ‘kindness‘, and place them on the table next to your keys. OK, perhaps you’ll need your car keys to find any of these items…but my guess is that you’ll have to extend the search a wee bit further than the local Tesco metro.

You guessed it…we can’t physically hold or observe ‘justice‘ or ‘humility‘ etc. Yes, we’re always bearing witness to what we regard as ‘moral or immoral acts‘, and this is related to an unobservable value that has been placed upon an action. But the point here is that ‘justice‘ itself is not a physical thing. Therefore, seeing as morality and so many aspects that govern our lives are clearly not physical things, and yet they dictate how we react to the physical world, we shall refer to them as metaphysical (‘above physical’). 

So where do these values come from? Here’s a rather crude, but telling example…is it ‘right‘, ‘just‘ or ‘nice‘ to kill 10 innocent children? ‘No’, I hear you shout (with even a touch of anger behind it I would guess). OK, fine. Well, how about feeding 10 innocent children…is that ‘right‘, ‘just‘ or ‘nice‘. ‘Yes’ you proclaim (and possibly making a face akin to, ‘was he always so simple?!’)

This is my point…right and wrong is a simple concept, and we know it intuitively. Sure there are regional variations, but to kill innocent children or feed them…would it not be fair to say that this is something that everyone agrees is absolutely wrong or right, respectively? Surely this couldn’t just be your opinion?

Get ready folks to stick yourself on one of two sides…and of course you’re welcome to sit on the barbed-wire fence, although this has already been discussed (

Killing innocent children is absolutely wrong, and it’s not just your opinion, but is a fact

  • Therefore you agree that there is an Absolute Truth, which although unseen by us, nonetheless acts as a guiding moral compass at the core of our being
  • You believe in the idea of equality, but only souls can be equal because obviously none of us are equal on a physical level (including mental capacbilties)
  • Basically, whether you have realised it or not, you think that you and all other living things are souls, stuck in virtual reality suits called bodies
  • As a result, you’re open to discuss how society could actually work very harmoniously, working in spiritual consciousness

Killing innocent children is wrong in your opinion

  • You only believe in what you can see (which rules out pretty much everything in the universe by the way…including your own consciousness)
  • Since there is no Absolute Truth, you can only talk in terms of relativity
  • True equality will fail, because freedom to act as you wish is constrained by laws made from the opinions of others eg. If you’re a serial killer, it would be unfair to impede what you see as a relishable lifestyle, just because most people strongly disagree that it is ‘wrong’…because remember, you’ve signed up for a ‘world where there are only opinions but no Absolute Truth coming from a higher dimension’
  • Ulimately, you are living in a miserable reality where everything is somehow (not logically though) ‘governed‘ by ‘chance‘, and the only point of morality is to just gratify yourself as much as possible without being disturbed by others who are equally as selfish
  • There is no love in this world…just an unending trail of lust, anger and greed.

Because after all…whilst you’re in your car to pick up some ‘kindness‘ from Morrisons, would you mind also grabbing some ‘love‘ from the shelves of Aldi? Let’s get real…why can love be neither bought nor owned? Obviously because it doesn’t come from this material world. Where can I get my hands on an unending source of love? Not the kind we call lust, which needs winding up now and again like a wind-up torch…but rather, real love, which is unconditional by nature?

“God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” — C.S. Lewis

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