Wasn’t me

Come on, own up; unless you have bowels of steel, every single person on this earth has accidentally passed wind at least once in their life in the most awkward situation…in a lift, on the first date, at the final interview…or even at your debut dinner appearance with the inlaws!

You’re chucking now, because you know you’re a rascal. We all are, no? Unless you are compelled to, because it was so blatant, who would own up to such a seemingly small incident? Of course, there are those rare exhibitionists who take pride in such social faux-pas.

What’s my point? We all try to protect our persona, so that we can get what we think will make us happy. But two parallel questions arise:

  1. Does re-inforcing my sense of self make me happy? Is it useful?
  2. Who is it that I think I am?

Here it is in a nutshell. We think we are these bodies and our mind, but where is the evidence? Gasping in astonishment at such a strange comment, sit back and ask what Descartes asked himself…’if I didn’t know anything, what can I know for certain is real?’

You’ll reach the same conclusion…the thought that, ‘I perceive stuff in the world so I must be someone’ is the only thing we can say is definitely for real. That’s why the question of consciousness is so important…yet (honest) modern-day thinkers frankly admit that they don’t know what it is.

I’ve been writing for a few months now, and it’s about time I propose what is an actual alternative to the bleak view of modern day physicalist philosophers, which is that we are basically a brain in a box (AKA the body), with neither free will nor a real identity.

What if we are actually lovely little souls, locked in virtual reality suits (AKA bodies)?…and being completely attached to this amazing theatre production that we call the real world, and in which we (and all other souls) have assumed the role of lead actor, are completely engrossed…to the extent that we’ve forgotten that we are not the persona acting on stage of consciousness…but rather we are the audience, who is in reality untouched by anything happening on set.

‘You’re off your rocker’, I hear you say. Maybe, but have a wee think about it.
When we go to sleep we may dream that a tiger is chasing us…and it’s very, very real at the time! We usually forget the dream identity when we wake up. During the day we have loads of experiences, but sure enough, once we take a few Nytols and KO, we completely forget about our waking (‘real’) identity, and the tiger is back on our case!

Therefore, a good question to ask oneself is…even though dream identity is very real whilst dreaming, and waking identity appears to be even more real (again, during waking hours only)…is this identity actually the most real?

The realm of empirical science is starting to shift, as we observe more and more peer-reviewed publication evidence from respected scientists in their fields, which indicates that there is more to us than this body and mind (lest we even ask what is the mind?). For example, the late psychiatrist, Ian Stevenson, made a heavy dent in the field of near death experiences (NDEs), and many others are following in his wake, including  Dr Penny Sartori.

If we want to be content and beyond, we need to find out, ‘what is soul food?’

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” — Carl Jung

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