Painting the picture

In the last post we had a good old natter about what is the unconscious mind…and I left you with a puzzle. The answer is…purple. Actually, another answer could be the smell of mouldy cheese.

Cat smelling flower

I haven’t lost the plot, I promise you…what we’re dealing with here is something called qualia…AKA every materialist neurobiologist’s living nightmare…unlike a nightmare however, which only appears during the wee hours, this particular twist of reality haunts them all day and night.

So, I should explain this elusive comment…in the last post I showed these images…

Neurons on the left, and a synapse on the right. The 64 million dollar question is…

If the brain contains neurons that deal in the ‘currency’ of electrochemical signals…then where do colours come from…or smells, tastes, sounds…touch?

The answer…nobody knows. I’d totally forgive you if you’re cursing your screen right now, calling me a numpty and worse…we have a lot of faith that science knows. But that is not the position of science…science is a method. And as I am always harping on, interpretation is another thing entirely. Sure, if the interpretation fits snuggly into a particular model of reality, then all the better…but if it doesn’t, scientists should be open and honest and just call a spade a spade. This will do two things:

  1. Help science to progress faster, without so many speed bumps along the way (ie. the collapse of an overarching paradigm is definitely a hurdle)
  2. Don’t lead the public off the cliff with you

We have a responsibility as scientists to inform people correctly; politicians lie, but we should do better…and so why don’t we be more honest?

  1. Survival – good luck getting any funding if you try to publish your results by analysing them within a different philosophical framework
  2. Pride – we don’t want to accept that we’ve become so knowledgeable…yet we have no wisdom
  3. Ignorance – scientists aren’t objective by the way…we’re all subjects in this world the last time I looked. Nothing could illustrate this point more clearly than the way we have been shepherded into blindly believing the current paradigm that genes are everything…evolution somehow created you (and keeps on doing so perfectly with every conception), and ‘you’ as a person don’t really exist (it’s lucky they force-feed it to us young, because had we developed the mental capabilities to actually realise what they were giving us, we would have certainly made a conscious decision to throw it back up!)


I do rant a lot, and there’s a reason. If you have a message that you believe in, based on serious reasoning and practise…and if you realise that you have been fooled by the same thing fooling so many others…wouldn’t you do something to help? If you have read my posts, you’ll realise that the stakes are very high…life or deathIf you don’t know who or what you are, how can you know how to live? The elections are tomorrow, and so many of us are operating on the base level of life…survival and sense enjoyment (quick fix)…voting on ballets aside, we have to get to the root cause of societal issues…why am I here on this earth? Who am I? If you can’t answer these, why are you trying to lead a country? Because you know where this leads don’t you…I think we can all see by now, can’t we?

Flower assortment.jpg

Rant over…in the next post we’ll be getting ‘right stuck in’ to the question of qualia, and where our experience of the world comes from (not to mention who is the ‘I’ that is experiencing it)…I’m going to take you on a magic carpet ride into a realm unexplored for thousands of years by the western sciences. With deep introspection and an attempt at compassion, my aim is to bring this ancient philosophical giant into the now…when scientists realise the potential for this as a framework upon which to base all of their hard-earned data, I truly believe we will see a renaissance in society.

Why? Because this is the science of consciousness…the only thing that matters in this world. If you don’t believe me, try not being a conscious entity who experiences the world. Let’s bring the life back into science!

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” — Mark Twain

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